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1) Low-Cost Offers


„Parables for Truth Seekers“ offers encouraging and comforting short stories that convey spiritual messages from a different level of consciousness.

You decide how you want to use the book: just be inspired by the parables and the images, or use them as a starting point for journaling to gain deeper insights into your life.

„Parables for Truth Seekers“ is an invitation to dive in and let this book accompany you on your inner journey to discovering your own truth.

„Evolving on Purpose: Co-creating with the Divine“ is another remarkable collaboration by Katie Carey, a visionary creative and CEO of Soulful Valley Publishing.

Together, they have once again assembled an extraordinary collection of stories from 22 heart-centred individuals, amplifying the power of collective wisdom and creativity. They tap into their inner genius, harnessing the power of their connection with the universe, source, God, Spirit, Angels, or the Divine.

This powerful collaboration not only showcases the authors‘ transformative journeys but also serves as a catalyst for readers to embark on their own path of self-discovery and purposeful co-creation. Through the collective wisdom and experiences shared within these pages, readers will discover their own capacity to co-create with the Divine and leave their unique imprint on the world.

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2) Find the Thread of Your Life

Your Story Channelled for You (100 €)

Only your billing information (name and address) and payment is needed, then I will sit down, put myself into a trance state, and channel the story that comes through for you. You will then receive it via email as a typed text.

If you want to go deeper into your story and its meaning, you can also book a trance journey specifically for that purpose with me afterwards, but this is optional and a separate offer.

A discount is available for readers of my Parable book who sign up for my email list from there.

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3) Be Heard (online)

Be Heard and Be Fully Yourself (from 150 €)

Always being confident, dynamic and unassailable at work and also showing consideration for family and friends at home: That can be exhausting.

If you simply want to let your guard down, be yourself and talk to an unbiased professional, I’d be happy to help and hold space for you.

I am happy to listen to you and do not judge you. Nobody is attacking you, nobody is judging you, nobody needs to be spared. You also have nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever you tell me is completely confidential.

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4) 1:1 Hypno Coaching (online)

Trance Journey to the Power within (497 €)

Do you feel stuck or cornered in your life situation? Maybe you do not know what direction is right for you to take – or you know exactly where you want to go, but hesitate.

The trance journey to the power within brings you back in touch with your inner guidance system and wisdom and connects you with your inner strength and the resources you need.

We take one topic, issue or question per session (usually 2,5 – 3h) and embark on a fascinating discovery journey deep within. We never know beforehand what we will find, but it is always what you need right now and you will never forget the powerful experience of deep connection with your inner power.

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Individual packages for all offers are available from 4 sessions onward on request. As the packages are tailored to your specific needs and situation, they can still be booked after your first session.

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