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What is IMDb & What Does It Have to Do with Podcasts/YouTube/TV shows?

IMDb is the International Movie Database, the go-to source for information on the global entertainment industry. It is visited by millions of film and TV enthusiasts as well as entertainment industry professionals all over the world with 200 million unique monthly visitors and over 1 billion monthly visits.

During the past couple of years, IMDb has opened its gates to web and music videos, increasingly developing into an all-encompassing resource for most audio-visual media. A YouTube playlist can be listed as a (web) TV series. In 2020, IMDb has also started to accept podcast entries.

Why Enter Your Podcast or YouTube/TV show on IMDb?

Short answer: quality backlinks for SEO, increased visibility‌ and authority.

But if you have an independent TV talk show, your credibility as a TV host is at stake since serious TV shows can usually be found on IMDb.

SEO and Visibility

Due to IMDb being an established authoritative source, it delivers quality backlinks for your podcast/YouTube/TV show with an additional cumulative effect as you can enter several links for every episode.

Backlinks are still important for your Google ranking in 2024 and have more weight when coming from quality sources.

New Audiences

It also helps new audiences find your podcast or YouTube/TV show through the growing network on IMDb itself:

  • Done right, all the people who have been on your show will have a link to it on their name page (personal IMDb profile). Whoever visits their page coming from another show or type of medium (e.g. a film, TV series, documentary, music video), can find your show.
  • Likewise, if you appear on other people’s shows or other media registered on IMDb, your own name page can be found there and anyone interested can click through and find your show on your name page.
  • IMDb also provides a specific list of podcasts for site visitors to browse.

Potential Effects

One of the podcasts I’m servicing on IMDb has broken into the global 10% ranks a few months after being entered on IMDb. Not claiming that IMDb was the cause since we can’t prove it, but the timing suggests that it could have helped.

Prospective guests may find your podcast/show more attractive, especially if they have already been on other shows that are listed on IMDb and have a name page (or if they want one).

Your IMDb entries are a valuable building block for your online profile that can heighten your visibility and the perception of your authority and relevance. That can be useful e.g. if you are aiming for a Wikipedia article.

Benefits of Being an Early Adopter

Currently, conscious podcasts and independent streaming shows are not the norm on IMDb.

My vision is to build a vast network of conscious media on IMDb to increase the visibility of each member and enable their important messages to reach more people. It can also help conscious entrepreneurs to find new guests and shows to connect with.

As always, being an early adopter means

  • that the full magnitude of the benefits are not easily discernible yet and there is a risk that not all of them will unfold in the future.
  • but also that you will benefit from all the advantages earlier and longer than anyone else. That can create a substantially stronger effect than jumping on the bandwagon later.

Think of the early adopters of all the big platforms out there! If you are not one of them, don’t you wish you had started earlier?

Here is the good news: Entering and keeping your show on IMDb is completely free if you do it all yourself – and that’s entirely possible!


In order to be accepted by IMDb, your show must fulfill the following requirements:

  • It must be publicly available online.
  • It must be a podcast or a YouTube/TV show.
  • If a YouTube show, it must be organized in a playlist.
  • All the necessary fields must be filled in during the setup of the main title page.

Caveats: Never enter correct information on IMDb if you think you may want to remove it at a later date (e.g. the name of your spouse or the like). IMDb usually does not remove accurate information.

Also be aware of the fact that you don’t own or exclusively manage the page. IMDb is a community database owned by Amazon: Amazon makes the rules and owns the pages and all community members can contribute.

My Services

If you want to enter your show on IMDb yourself, you can now go ahead and register an account with an email address and a password. Then, you are ready to add your show. Have fun!

If you don’t want to spend the time or don’t have the nerves to click through IMDb and learn its peculiarities, I got you covered with my IMDb services.

1. Main Title Page Setup

Setup of the title page of your show, including:

  • all the necessary data
  • summary of the show (if available)
  • links to an official main site and two more pages if applicable
  • 3 keywords (more if provided by you)
  • main poster
  • tag line (if available)
  • link to or basic setup of your IMDb name page
  • complimentary tweaks to your IMDb name page if applicable
  • troubleshooting research and IMDb support communications in the event of any issues

Please, message me on Facebook or email me for more info!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanneKurz11
Email: info@susannekurz-coaching.de

2. Initial Episode Page Setup for an Existing Show

Setup of a page for each existing episode, including:

  • episode title
  • episode number
  • publication date
  • country
  • 2 links to your name page as producer and host
  • guests – name page link or creation (basic)
  • episode outline or summary (if available)
  • 1-3 links to the episode
  • custom episode cover image (if available)
  • troubleshooting research and IMDb support communications in the event of any issues

This service is available for a number of episodes to be added right after the main title page setup as a package at a slightly discounted episode price.

If you have more than 100 published episodes, we can talk about a further discount on the package.

Alternatively, you can also book my monthly ongoing service flat rate for up to 6 episodes per month. Part of this contingent will be used to add your older episodes, until we have caught up to the new episodes.

Please, message me on Facebook or email me for more info!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanneKurz11
Email: info@susannekurz-coaching.de

3. Ongoing Maintenance Service

If you are still publishing new episodes of your show, I will regularly check for new episodes (every 2-3 weeks minimum, unless I’m on holidays) and add them to IMDb with all of the details for an episode page setup.

Cover images to be provided by you in original quality.

This service is available for a monthly flat rate or per episode, billed monthly.

Please, message me on Facebook or email me for more info!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanneKurz11
Email: info@susannekurz-coaching.de

4. Crash Course for Your PA/VA

If you have a PA or VA and want them to do the work for you, I can walk them through the initial setup process and teach them what else they have to consider.

I will also be available for advice and support for a full 6 months afterwards if any issues arise.

Please, message me on Facebook or email me for more info!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanneKurz11
Email: info@susannekurz-coaching.de

Why Me?

I have been on IMDb for over 15 years and have contributed actively and regularly for 7 years.

This means: 

  • The account I am operating from has credibility with IMDb, hence contributions may be accepted faster.
  • I know the caveats and where to find support for troubleshooting.
  • You do not pay extra for time invested in research and troubleshooting because I know what I do, so I can afford to charge per item, not per hour.
  • I usually will not charge for items that get rejected and cannot be appealed. This does not apply to the monthly flat rate or to single elements of an item (like a rejected link or image).

I have also successfully entered several podcasts, a YouTube series and part of an independent TV talk show on IMDb.

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